In every Italian village, no matter how small, there is sure to be one pastry shop, known as a pasticceria. Bakers work overtime supplying Italians and visitors alike with delicious cookies (collectively known as biscotti), pastry, and cakes. The pasticceria is a busy place all day long. Italians satisfy their sweet tooth in the morning with steaming espresso and pastry. In the afternoon the pasticceria is the perfect place to sit and relax with a glass of wine and biscotti. Attractive packages of assorted cookies are always beautifully displayed. It is customary to give them to a friend or host as a token of thanks or friendship - a very sweet Italian tradition!

The Salumeria

The Italian version of the delicatessen is the salumeria, which means "cured meat shop". The origins of the salumeria date back to the ancient Romans, who first developed curing methods out of practical necessity. Simply using air, salt, and smoke to preserve meats, long before refrigeration was an option, the Italians elevated curing to an art form. Combinations of curing techniques and spices, combined with regionally unique traditions resulted in an infinite variety of "salumi", cured meats. And let's not forget the ancient culinary relationship between the pig and yet another food which the Italians have mastered and made their own - cheese. We invite you to join us in our love of authentic Italian food, both through our Salumeria and through our menu, which uses all of these cured meats and cheese extensively.

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