Gift Boxes For All Occasions!

Important Message: Last day to order for Holiday Gift Boxes is Dec 19. Ship date is Dec 21, and are NOT guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

Looking for a truly unique gift for a client or an employee? Our decorative gift boxes are packed with culinary treats that are surely going to be appreciated and remembered.  Each gift box is hand packed with great care and attention to detail. 

The holidays are upon us, and we want you to be happy.  So below are few things to consider so you can get what you want.

Large Orders:  We can handle multiple, custom, and corporate gift orders, but we recommend you to call us ASAP so we can work our magic for you, (and you have a peaceful holiday!)

Demand:  These gift boxes are popular!  Due to this great demand, we require 48 hours notice to effectively process your order and we cannot offer overnight shipping.

Supply:  Due to availability challenges of some products and even the decorative packaging, we substitute equal or higher value goods (but it will always look and taste above and beyond great!) 

Timing:  Order by December 19th.

Questions? Call 302.245.8706 to
speak with a consultant. Click here to contact us.

To get things rolling now, try our online form.

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